Welcome to my website, which will be growing as I find the time to include more images.

I have been taking photographs since I was 10.
I graduated in Photographic Arts in the late 70's, and have worked as a photojournalist, community photographer and photography teacher.

My first pictures were of Welsh landscapes, and I still love making these. My other work in photojournalism will also be represented.

My work has been digital since 2008. Earlier work was on colour transparency and black and white negative. These images are now being scanned, and some will now be found in the 'Earlier Work' section of the website.

An exhibition of recent work featuring 32 images is now on show at the Oriel Joanna Field Gallery at the Torch Theatre in Milford Haven until the
28th April 2017. A preview of the images will be found on the Milford Haven exhibition collection in the 'Recent work' section.

Photo on the right is me in Split, Croatia by Judith Leyland.